Friday, November 26, 2010

Alabama vs Auburn Live from CBS Sports Now!

Yes football fans! CBS is now broadcasting the College Football match of Alabama Crimson Tide vs Auburn Tigers. This match is one of the most awaited matches this month! If you want to watch the live stream or the live coverage of the Alabama vs Auburn game, you should proceed directly to

Because when you Google for it, you'll never find it easily. A lot of spam sites out there are posting fake live stream information about the Alabama vs Auburn game. They tend to claim that they have the live stream in their website, even if they don't have it.

You're just tricked to click on their website in the Google search results, hoping that you can watch the live stream of Alabama vs Auburn. You'll get annoyed because you cannot find a single live stream, nor a hint or tip of how to watch the live stream.

Others are offering surveys before you can watch the live stream. But bear in mind that 99% of these surveys will just waste your time. No live stream information will be given after you've finished the survey. They just earn money, and you just wasted your time.

To check out the latest news and live stream information of your favorite football matches, go directly to Don't really on Google, specially the news results on, because it's full of spam.

Bookmark your favorite sports websites and visit that site directly for the live stream information that you need. This is the best thing to do right now so that you'll never waste your time again answering surveys and clicking on spam sites that has no information at all about what you're looking for!

As of writing this post, the score is 7-0, in favor of the Alabama Crimson Tide!

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